The Team



Jay spent 10 years seeking out the most respected yoga teachers all over the world.  He became a certified teacher in the USA in 2015 and then did further trainings in France and in India.  Eventually he decided to come back to his home town to create a yoga and meditation centre here with his French wife Emilie.



Emilie discovered yoga when she was travelling in Mozambique in 2008 and it has been with her ever since.  She met Jay on an Iyengar yoga retreat in France and it became a way of life.  She co-founded The Yoga Studio London with Jay.  In her practice she looks for balance, alignment of body and mind, as well as inner peace and happiness.



Giuliana is an Ashtanger Yoga teacher.  believes the asana practice initiates each student into a path of self-discovery and personal development. That when the Ashtanga method is practiced with awareness and respect for oneself, it becomes a precious tool for daily life, which with time, will increase overall endurance, translating into a strong body and mind.



Daria is specialized in Mums & Babies Yoga and postnatal recovery. She is certified by YogaLondon and Birthlight. She loves guiding mums though finding strength they might feel they have lost and taking care of their bodies. She shares routines that can be done regularly. In her classes, except to bond with your little one through songs, laughter, massages, healing and nurturing with a careful attention to your postnatal recovery.



Mel is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, a certified holistic practitioner from Venezuela and author of many books including The Godsfield Companion Book of Chakras. Her mother, a well-known clairvoyant and spiritual healer was a strong influence in her life and path.


Anna Elise

Anna is a yogi, actor, dancer, singer, musician, and choreographer. She has been practicing yoga since the age of 14 and went on to train as a teacher with Yoga London.  She is very passionate about teaching, sharing her Vinyasa practice and knowledge, and empowering others!  Her teaching is dynamic and precise.



Alex’s started yoga in 2014 and she trained in traditional Hatha in 2018 in Nepal.  She has since gone on to learn various other approaches which she incorporates into her creative teaching style. Her teaching style is compassionate, fun and caring.



Beatrice is specialized in Yoga Nidra. She started her yogic journey in 2003 and has been teaching since 2012. She has over 800 hours of teacher training, qualified in Yoga education from the University of Health and Sport in Lille and also trained in India in the Satyananda ashram. 

She has a deep knowledge of the body mind connection. Her intention is to empower students and guide them into a sustainable and inner-based practice. Her teaching is accurate, progressive and tailored-made.

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Aurora is a STOTT Mat and Reformer certified Pilates instructor. Before becoming a pilates instructor, she trained as a Ballet and Contemporary dancer in Italy and in England.

She is very passionate about teaching and inspiring others and loves to share the benefits that Pilates brings to people’s body and minds to others.

Her classes are challenging but achievable. She combines Pilates with her dance background and makes you work muscles that you don’t even know you had!

Her goal is for students to find that mind-body connection and self-awareness while engaging and strengthening the whole body.



Judy has been a dedicated practitioner of Iyengar Yoga since 1992 after discovering that it helped her to recover from a back injury and to quiet a busy mind.

She certified as a teacher in 2007 and is now a Level 3 senior teacher.

Judy has also undertaken many therapeutic courses and can provide modifications for common ailments, such as shoulder, back, hip and knee issues.

She has studied with the Iyengar familly in India attending at RIMYI, the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, and in the UK on several occasions.

As a teacher she aims to enable her students to find inner freedom and joy within their own yoga practise. 

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