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WOMB WELLNESS Workshop with Alex 02/07

  • 25 British pounds
  • The Yoga Studio London


Summer Womb Wellness Workshop with Alex Sunday 2nd July | 16:00 - 18:00 Yoga is a means of self enquiry and embodiment. Exploring a deeper more sustained connection to the self within us all, awakening our individual creativity and self actualisation. A women's womb space is her source of inspiration, intuition and wisdom. The season of Spring is a time that evokes abundance and new beginnings. Practicing with kindness we can awaken our full potential. Through an introspective practice using yogic tools we can explore that sexual freedom and wisdom goes beyond just the uterus; it expands into the whole anatomy including breasts, internal and external reproductive and sexual anatomy, and hormones. Connecting to the womb heals, balances, restores and reclaims power not just for womankind but for society and our planet. Playing in the elements of Air (heart), Water (sacral) and Earth (root of the spine), will help us to embody each of their qualities and cultivate a sense of joy and confidence Open to all Women craving an uplifting, dynamic and energising womb focused approach. What to expect: - Welcoming Sankalpa/intention circle - Hatha Asana and Pranayama flow that brings openeness and blood flow to Svadhistana chakra (sacral centre) and Anahata chakra (heart) energies centres -Increase self confidence and self esteem by bringing strength to manipura chakra centre (abdomen) gentle core work and embody our inner goddess strength in standing and balancing poses to increase stamina. -Free-form movement to bring fluidity into the joints and spine. Spontaneous movement to celebrate your body your womb space awakening creativity and self expression. - Bath in a nidra of rest and renewal Not suitable for pregnant women and those with high blood pressure, recent prolapse

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