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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

As well as asanas (postures), all classes may include pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Alignment:  Inspired by the yoga master of alignment BKS Iyengar.  Postures are held for longer than in the Flow class and often make use of yoga props such as blocks, belts and blankets to maximise the benefits of each posture.

Aligned Flow:  Aligned Flow combines the flowing-with-the-breath Vinyasa style with therapeutic Iyengar inspired alignment and the use of props. This class focuses on balancing strength with flexibility to promote overall resilience, health, and balance.

Power Yoga:  This is a dynamic yoga class which moves the body in a healthy way.  Often when we practice sport our body suffers afterwards, feeling stiff, tight and sore.  When we practice Power Yoga, we see that it’s possible to really work the body and leave it feeling completely rejuvenated and relaxed.

Flow & Restore: This class balances a dynamic practice which energizes the body with long holds, seated and lying postures which bring peace and calm to the body and mind.

Relax: Specially selected postures are held for extended periods of time.  We make maximum use of props to bring deep relaxation to the body and mind.

Pregnancy:  Our pregnancy classes will help you to really enjoy the 9 months of your pregnancy and to prepare your body and mind for giving birth.  The postures selected in this class create space in the body and bring serenity to the mind.  This is important not only to bring maximum comfort to you during the pregnancy and on the day of the birth but it is also a wonderful gift to your little baby.

Baby & Me:  During the class, while mothers recover little by little (with gentle and relaxing yoga postures which strengthen muscles and the perinium), babies sleep, play with eachother and watch the class.  After a few classes they can even join in!  The class is suitable for mothers from 6 weeks post birth.

Kids:  Classes are designed to capture the imagination of children (from 6 to 12 years old).  They are fun and enable children to express themselves in a healthy way.  This is a safe environment to develop concentration, openness, calmness, flexibility and more.

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