Be Relaxed, Well and Happy

Welcome to The Yoga Studio London!

What's important to us is, how do you feel when you arrive at the studio compared with how you feel when you leave, and after months and years of regular attendance?  Do you notice positive changes in your life?

We are confident that no matter where you are starting from, you will come away with tools that you can use to stay really relaxed, well and happy.

Discover Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Restorative yogaAlignment yoga, Pilates, Pregnancy yogaKids yoga, My Baby & Me, My Toddler & Me, all taught by a team of top quality, experienced and passionate teachers - you're sure to find a style that suits you.


Please remember to reserve your class online, we look forward to meeting you.

Our Approach

Yoga of Kindness

We understand that when we are kind to ourselves, the mind relaxes and then the body relaxes and naturally becomes more flexible, healthy and strong.  Then the mind becomes even more calm and the virtuous circle continues.

The work is to extend this approach from our mat to our daily life, being kind and content where we are in every aspect of our life.

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Our Location

Peaceful, Calm & Accessible

The studio is bright with wooden floors and is situated in a peaceful street, just a few minutes away from Angel station and Regents Canal.


Our Story

10 Years & 7 Continents...

Jay spent 10 years seeking out the most respected yoga teachers all over the world.  He became a certified teacher in the USA in 2015 and then did further trainings in France and in India.  Eventually he decided to come back to his home town to create a yoga and meditation centre here with his French wife Emilie, to share that which has been so helpful to him.

Emilie discovered yoga when she was travelling in Mozambique in 2008 and it has been with her ever since.  She met Jay on a yoga retreat in France and it became a way of life.  In her practice she looks for balance, alignment of body and mind, as well as inner peace and happiness.

Our Method

A Personal Touch

We keep class sizes small so that we can get to know you and address your needs. 

We observe where we are in any given yoga posture - using tools like blocks, blankets and belts etc. if and when necessary - without judgment and without wanting to be somewhere else.  In this way, we obtain the health benefits of the posture with the correct amount of effort.


What Students Say About Us

"What I like the most from Jay’s classes is that I am always discovering something new. He knows how to adapt the session to the participants, the mood, the weather...and at the same time he is watching you progress and bringing you new cues to keep learning. I really enjoy doing yoga with Jay and I hope you will too! "


"Jay is a really great teacher with a very kind and positive approach. The yoga class is based on the Iyengar BKS method with some flow. I really improved my practice in a few weeks and got a lot of benefits for my body and mind. Always go there with a smile and pleasure. I highly recommend these classes!"


"I observed Emilie instruct Yoga to my 8 year old daughter and was so impressed! She eased the children into every pose, encouraging them and correcting their poses as she went. To capture and hold the attention of 6 rambunctious kids is no easy feat, but Emilie made it look easy and so much fun. My daughter left wanting more yoga time and this mama too! You will not regret a visit to one of Emilie’s classes."


What The Press Wrote About Us

"For Jay & Emilie, yoga is not just exercise, it's a way of life..."click here to read the full article by Léna Guihéneuf in the French Morning London.